Access to healthNetBC Web Services

Overview of Service

Health Authorities and health care providers or organizations who deliver health services are able to search for clients' Personal Health Numbers (PHNs), confirm client eligibility for publicly funded health care, update person demographics, and assign PHNs, where required.

A description of each business services can be found here:

Search for a Personal Health Number (PHN)

Assign a Personal Health Number (PHN)

Confirm Client Eligibility for BC Health Care Services

Person Demographics

Purpose of Service

The service is available 24 hours, each day, and provides:

  • Name search capability for easier confirmation of patient/client identity and retrieval of PHNs;
  • A faster and more effective way to determine a patient's eligibility for publicly funded health care services;
  • A centralized method to verify and update patient demographics;
  • The ability for hospitals to issue PHNs to newborns, at birth;
  • Reduced staff time in reconciling rejected MSP claims;
  • Determine third-party billing arrangements for clients associated with the Armed Forces; and,
  • Increased potential in identifying third-party patient responsibility and revenues.

Prerequisites for Service

To qualify and register for these services:

  1. Your computer must be running a web browser with a cipher strength of 128-bit. Internet Explorer (version 11.0, or higher) is the recommended Ministry standard for web-based services.
  2. Read Eligibility, Demographic & PHN Assignment Overview (PDF, 89KB).
  3. Register for services by sending an e-mail request to
  4. Upon Ministry approval, you will receive a Ministry of Health Data Access Agreement (DAA), for your completion, signature and return, if applicable.
  5. Install a Ministry issued Digital Certificate, as described in the Access Administrator's Guide (PDF, 111KB).