Update Work Location - EPRMP.04

You can update the work location of a provider working in your location (i.e., the provider can update their own information or another authorized user at the same location can update the provider’s information). You cannot update information for a provider working in another location.

When you do update the work location information, ensure you select the correct provider and review the entire record before updating.

Update or Cease Work Location Data

If a work location is incorrect, update the information rather than adding a new record. To update or cease existing individual work location data you will have to enter:

  • the new data (e.g., work location name, address, telecommunication number, or electronic address);
  • the new 'Effective Start Date' for each data element being changed;
  • an 'Effective End Date' for each data element being ceased; and
  • an 'End Reason Code' of CHG (for changed data blocks) or CEASE (for ceased data blocks).

Cease Entire Work Location

To cease an entire work location, you will have to provide:

  • an 'Effective End Date' for the record set to the current date or a future date (i.e., not in the past); and
  • an 'End Reason Code' of CEASE.

Update vs. View Work Location

You may be able to view work locations for providers who have been added by other sources (depending on data permissions), but will only be able to update those added by your own office.