R02 - Record New Person


This business service is used to assign a personal health number (PHN) to any person not recorded with the Ministry of Health and record a person's demographic information for anyone seeking health services in British Columbia. It is only available to authorized organizations and health care providers who deliver health services.


To create a unique, lifetime identifier (i.e., PHN) that is used by health care providers for the identification of individuals who interact with the B.C. health system.


Access requires Ministry of Health approval and a signed Data Access Agreement or Service Level Agreement between the organization and the ministry.

Contact Information

This business service is available through the ministry's web application. To register for access, please contact Data Access Services at HLTH.HNETConnection@gov.bc.ca. The Ministry of Health HelpDesk is available at 250-952-1234.

This business service is also available for integrated software development. For more information on integrated software development, review the integration process page, or e-mail Conformance and Integration Services at HLTH.CISSupport@gov.bc.ca.


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