healthnetBC Interface (HNI) System


The healthnetBC Interface infrastructure enables access to the Ministry's databases by external agencies, either via the Internet or an integrated software system.

The healthnetBC Interface infrastructure consists of two components:

  • A Message Broker, which accepts an incoming inquiry, determines the database for obtaining the correct response, and then prepares the response for the user; and
  • An Access Control and Logging feature, which controls access to all business functions and data and records details of business services.

To view a list of Ministry business services that are available through the healthnetBC Interface System, see HNI Business Services.


HNI offers the ability for external agencies in both the health and private sectors to directly access selected Ministry Business Services. A Business Service is a specific business function (e.g., a Client Name Search) that accesses a Ministry database (e.g., the Client Registry).


In order to use HNI, the following conditions must be met:

  • Compliance with healthnetBC standards;
  • Connection registration with healthnetBC Access Services; and
  • Once your product has passed a Compliance Evaluation, a signed Service Level Agreement between the Software Support Organization and the ministry will be required.

Supporting Documentation

Support Contact for Development

For more information, please e-mail, or phone the Ministry of Health HelpDesk at 250-952-1234.