Health Professions Council

The former Health Professions Council was an independent advisory body established under the Health Professions Act in 1990. The Council had two main functions: to investigate applications by health care practitioner groups seeking designation as a self-regulated profession, and to consider any matter involving a health profession referred to the Council by the Minister.

Between December 1992 and December 2002, the Council submitted reports on 21 professions in respect of which applications for designation as a regulated health profession under the Health Professions Act had been made. The Council also completed its comprehensive report ‘Safe Choices: A New Model for Regulating Health Professions in British Columbia’ in March 2001. The ‘Safe Choices’ report includes both a legislative review of health profession-specific statutes that predate the Health Professions Act, and a scope of practice review of 15 already regulated health professions.

Following the government’s 2001 core services review, amendments to the Health Professions Act resulted in the winding up of the Council effective December 31, 2002.

The Council's Final Reports

Acupuncture (PDF, 210KB)
Cardiology Technology (PDF, 327KB)
Clinical Perfusion (PDF, 233KB)
Counselling (PDF, 295KB)
Dietetics (PDF, 531KB)
Early Childhood Education (PDF, 388KB)
Electrology (PDF, 202KB)
Environmental Public Health Inspection (PDF, 176KB)
Environmental Public Health Inspection Supplementary Report (PDF, 190KB)
Hearing Aid Dealing and Consulting (PDF, 352KB)
Med Lab Technology (PDF, 475KB)
Midwifery (PDF, 222KB)
Nutrition Management (PDF, 387KB)
Optician (PDF, 85KB)
Prosthetics and Orthotics (PDF, 207KB)
Respiratory Therapy (PDF, 597KB)
Speech Language Pathology and Audiology (PDF, 422KB)
Traditional Chinese Medicine (PDF, 365KB)