B.C. Clinical Anesthesiology Fellowship

The B.C. Clinical Anesthesiology Fellowship is a patient-focused initiative that  supports equitable access to government-funded anesthesiology services for citizens across B.C. It also provides participants with an opportunity to train and qualify as a practicing anesthesiologist in B.C.

The Province funds a designated number of B.C. Clinical Anesthesiology Fellowship positions annually for U.S.-trained physicians who have successfully completed a four-year anesthesiology residency accredited by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education, have completed U.S. licensing examinations, and are board certified/board eligible in anesthesiology.

In exchange, participants complete a two-year Return of Service (ROS) following completion of their 12-month fellowship.

How to Apply

All prospective candidates for B.C. Clinical Anesthesiology Fellowship positions apply through the University of British Columbia (UBC). Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis. Information on the eligibility criteria, application process, and fellowship are available on UBC’s B.C. Clinical Anesthesiology Fellowship Program webpage

Return of Service Communities

The list of identified ROS placement opportunities is responsive to the current and emerging health care needs of B.C. For details on the current ROS placement process, please see the fellowship contract template and program policy in the sidebar.

Return of Service Commitment

Accepting a B.C. Clinical Anesthesiology Fellowship position requires executing the ROS contract. The ROS contract is a legal undertaking that warrants independent legal advice and thorough consideration of the contractual requirements. Contract termination due to breach of contract carries significant financial consequences. For full details on the ROS commitment, please see the contract template and program policy in the sidebar.