Limited coverage drugs – sodium cromoglycate nebules

Generic name sodium cromoglycate nebules
Strength 20 mg, 2 mL
Form ampule - nebules
Special Authority criteria Approval period

For the treatment of cognitive impairment due to asthma 


patient has had an unsuccessful trial in the use of an inhaler attached to an aerochamber with a mouthpiece


patient is living independently PLUS patient either suffers from severe upper extremity disability or lacks fine motor co-ordination to a degree that precludes effective inhaler techniques, even when aided by inhaler-assistance devices


patient is a resident of a long-term care facility PLUS patient regularly requires the administration of three or more inhaled medications at least three times daily


patient has difficulty generating adequate inspiratory effort to achieve therapeutic benefit from an inhaler with an aerochamber.



Practitioner exemptions

  • None

Special notes

  • Special Authority is not required for individuals 18 years and younger.

Special Authority requests