Submitting Price Changes for Generic Drugs

Submitting Price Decreases

Suppliers can submit price decreases at any time to using the Price Change Spreadsheet (XLS).

Price decreases will be effective 30 days after the change has been accepted and announced through the monthly generic formulary update. This allows pharmacies time to clear the stock purchased at higher prices.

Submitting Price Increases

Suppliers can submit price increases for generic drugs once a year to and must use the Price Change Spreadsheet (XLS).

  • The annual deadline for submissions is November 30.
  • The price changes will come into effect on April 1 of the following year.

Acceptance of a price increase request is at the sole discretion of the province.

Notification of Price Changes

Price decreases will be announced through the monthly generic formulary update.

All accepted price increase requests received prior to the deadline will be reflected on the LCA Master Spreadsheet published the following year on the LCA/RDP Data Files page. 

A supplier will be notified if their price increase request is denied.