Podiatrists who are licensed by the College of Podiatric Surgeons of British Columbia (CPSBC) are eligible to enroll with MSP and obtain MSP billing numbers. Click here for more information. 

For the purposes of the Laboratory Services Regulation, a podiatrist is a referring practitioner if they are enrolled as a practitioner under section 13 of the Medicare Protection Act and they are a registrant of the College of Podiatric Surgeons of British Columbia and authorized to use the title:

  • “podiatrist”,
  • “podiatric surgeon”,
  • “surgeon”, or
  • “doctor”.

Podiatrists may refer beneficiaries to an approved laboratory facility for publicly funded fee-for-service outpatient laboratory services (benefits) listed in the Podiatrists Laboratory Services Referral Schedule, provided the service falls within their scope of practice. Podiatrists may also refer for other non-fee-for-service laboratory services within their scope of practice.