Operator Payment Administration

Effective May 1, 2018, responsibility for the Operator Payment Administration process for outpatient diagnostic and laboratory medicine facilities will transition to Health Insurance BC (HIBC). Specifically, the Outpatient Operator Payment Administration form (HLTH 2999).

Completed Operator Payment Administration forms will continue to be submitted through the Ministry of Health’s secure upload tool



The Laboratory Services Act (LSA) establishes a relationship between the Minister of Health and operators of approved laboratory facilities. Operators are defined as: the owner, the person having responsibility for the daily operation of the laboratory facility, or a regional health board or prescribed agency.

Operator Payment Administration (OPA) Process

Under the LSA there is no longer a requirement for physician’s to assign their payment to the laboratory facility. However, every claim must have a valid Medical Services Plan (MSP) practitioner number associated with it when it is submitted through Teleplan to Health Insurance BC (HIBC). The Operator Payment Administration (OPA) process and form will replace the assignment of payment process and form for the laboratory modality only, and will facilitate fee-for-service (FFS) outpatient claims made by laboratory facilities/operators.

For billing purposes only, each facility will designate one laboratory physician to link their MSP practitioner number to the facility through the OPA process; depending on operational requirements an operator may have more than one physician linked to the facility. OPA forms can only be processed for those facilities that are an approved laboratory facility, for the provision of FFS laboratory tests.

The form must be completed by both: the operator, or authorized representative of the operator, and the designated laboratory physician, and submitted through the secure upload tool on the website at www.gov.bc.ca/labservicesupload.  

OPA Expiration

OPAs are in effect for up to four years.

Secure Upload Tool

Use the Laboratory Services Secure Upload Tool to submit your Operator Payment Administration Form. 

Please ensure that your form is complete, accurate, and authorized prior to submitting.  Only complete forms will be accepted.