Facility Approval Process

This section only applies to laboratory facilities that provide outpatient laboratory services on a fee-for-services basis.

Moratorium on Laboratory Facility Applications

The province-wide moratorium on applications for laboratory facilities and specimen collection stations remains in effect, with exceptions for demonstrated urgent health or safety needs, or demonstrated significant, urgent business needs. 

A laboratory facility means that part of a hospital that provides laboratory services, a facility that provides laboratory services, or a specimen collection station (SCS) associated with a hospital or facility. Applications for a laboratory facility to provide publicly insured outpatient fee-for-service laboratory services in British Columbia must be made in accordance with the provisions of the Laboratory Services Act and Regulation. 

For billing and payment purposes, prospective facility operators will identify in their application for a new approved laboratory facility what facility approval category and laboratory test menu the facility will provide. The following is a list of fee-for-service (FFS) outpatient laboratory facility approval categories by fee item.

Approval for the provision of laboratory services under the Laboratory Services Act must be obtained prior to service delivery.

Steps in the Application Process

  1. Review the Approval-Related Policies and Guidelines for Laboratory Facilities Providing Outpatient Laboratory Services on a Fee-for-Service Basis
  2. Complete the appropriate application (Facility Approval or Amendment to Existing Approval), and attach separate supporting documentation where indicated;
  3. Submit the completed application with enclosures through the Ministry of Health’s secure upload tool for review.

Upon approval by the Minister, an approved or an amended approval will be issued to the operator of the facility. A facility approval is not transferable.

Please email labservices@gov.bc.ca for a copy of the laboratory facility approval application form. 


Secure Upload Tool

Use the Laboratory Services Secure Upload Tool to submit your Application for Facility Approval Form.

Please ensure that your form is complete, accurate, and authorized prior to submitting. Only complete forms will be processed.