Laboratory Facility Approvals

Outpatient Laboratory Facilities and Specimen Collection Station Facilities Moratorium Exemption Evaluation Process

The province-wide moratorium on applications for laboratory facilities and specimen collection stations operating under approvals will continue under the Laboratory Services Act as of October 1, 2015. Laboratory Approval Staff will review exemption requests for demonstrated urgent health, safety or significant, urgent business needs. 

NOTE: There is no moratorium on requests to expand the existing test menus. Applications to add new services to existing approvals continue to be accepted. Please email your request for an application form to expand your approved facility's test menu.

Moratorium Exemption Request

To apply for an approval for a new outpatient laboratory facility or specimen collection station facility, expansion and/or relocation of an existing approved facility under the exemption provision, applicants must advise how their request meets the urgent health or safety needs, or significant, urgent business needs exemption criterion.

To be considered for an exemption to the moratorium, applicants must:

  • Demonstrate how the request for consideration meets the exemption criterion
  • Include applicant, facility and service information
  • Add any additional information to support the exemption request, and
  • Submit the request through the Laboratory Services Secure Upload Tool 
    • NOTE: Exemption requests cannot be completed on-line at this time.  Submit your request in PDF, JPEG, PNG, TIF, GIF or BMP format through the laboratory services website secure upload tool.


Please provide the following information and include any supporting material:

1. Applicant

  • Contact name(s)
  • Facility or organization
  • Contact email(s) and
  • Contact phone number(s)

2. Facility and Service

  • Location of the proposed facility (health authority, city, address)
  • If the request is for a new or an existing laboratory facility
  • For the expansion or relocation of existing facilities include the following:
    • existing approval number
    • service(s) and fee items the facility is currently approved to provide
    • type of application being sought
      • expansion of the facility
      • relocation of the facility
      • expansion and relocation of the facility
  • For a new facility indicate the services that would be applied for – be as specific as possible and include service category(ies) and fee codes (if applicable)

3. Applicability of Exemption Criteria

  • What urgent health or safety needs, or significant, urgent business needs would the proposal address? Provide as much detail as possible.
  • Please include any additional information or documents to support the request.

Review of Moratorium Exemption Requests

When an exemption request is received, the Laboratory Approval Staff will review and verify to the extent possible the information submitted. A decision will be made as to whether or not the applicant’s request meets the urgent health, safety or business needs moratorium criterion. If so, the applicant will be invited to complete a full application. The following steps list the process:

  1. Applicant submits exemption request
  2. Exemption request reviewed and decision communicated to applicant (within eight weeks)
  3. Full application submitted by deadline*
  4. Application reviewed using Approval Policies and Guidelines
  5. Decision made
  6. Applicant informed of decision