Information for Laboratory Service Providers

All publicly funded laboratories are governed under the Laboratory Services Act (LSA) as of October 1, 2015. Under the LSA, the Minister of Health is responsible for the governance and accountability, audit, service delivery, and compensation for all publicly funded laboratory services in the province. A laboratory facility means that part of a hospital that provides laboratory services, a facility that provides laboratory services, or a specimen collection station (SCS) associated with a hospital or facility.

An operator of an approved laboratory facility is entitled to payment for provision of a laboratory service provided that it is a benefit under the LSA or Laboratory Services Regulation (Regulation), and the person to whom the laboratory service is provided is a beneficiary. A “beneficiary” means a person enrolled as a beneficiary under the Medicare Protection Act.

Operators of approved laboratory facilities may only accept a request from a medical practitioner or from a person within a class of prescribed health care practitioners, for a beneficiary to receive laboratory services as a benefit. The LSA and Regulation contain provisions and requirements for referring medical and health care practitioners.


All laboratory facilities must be accredited by the College of Physicians and Surgeon's of BC's Diagnostic Accreditation Program.

Approvals for Laboratory Facilities

This section pertains to laboratory facilities that are:

  • operating under approval, and
  • providing outpatient  laboratory service benefits that are publicly funded on a fee-for-service basis.

The Laboratory Services Act specifies certain (mandatory) criteria for the consideration and approval of laboratory facilities and services-related activities and applications, including applications for new facilities, for the relocation or expansion of existing facilities, for a transfer of material financial interest, and for significant changes in the laboratory facility's capability or capacity to provide laboratory services. The Approval Policies and Guidelines outline the criteria for and provide direction and guidance on how criteria are to be considered and applied by Laboratory Approval Staff.

Laboratory Services Outpatient Payment Schedule

The Laboratory Services Outpatient Payment Schedule is issued by the Ministry of Health under the authority of the Laboratory Services Act for use by operators of approved laboratory facilities in British Columbia. The Payment Schedule is effective as of October 1, 2015.

The Payment Schedule applies to the provision of insured outpatient services in approved laboratory facilities receiving payment on a fee-for-service (FFS) basis. The Payment Schedule contains billing and payment detail for laboratory operators, a schedule of laboratory medicine fees, as well as limits and conditions on laboratory benefits approved for referring medical and health care practitioners.

Operator Payment Administration

The Operator Payment Administration process facilitates payment of fee-for-service laboratory outpatient claims made by approved laboratory facilities/operators.