B.C. Minimum Immunization Data Set (MIDS)

Canada Health Infoway, in collaboration with national immunization stakeholders, has developed a standard for the exchange of immunization data between health information systems in Canada.  The stakeholders included pan-Canadian community and public health vaccine providers.  This data standard prescribes the Minimum Immunization Data Set (MIDS) to be used for various business scenarios as defined by the clinical stakeholders for Immunization Interoperability.

This standard describes a comprehensive list of variables approved in British Columbia (B.C.) to support best practice for documenting immunizations by B.C. vaccine providers.


The purpose of the MIDS is to enable data exchange between immunization systems in B.C.  It is expected that the MIDS will interface with Panorama (B.C. immunization repository), other Public Health systems and electronic medical record (EMR) solutions used by vaccine providers in community-based settings.

The following types of clinical data are included:

  1. Immunization records: doses received by clients; and
  2. Recommended immunizations: doses the client is recommended to receive in the future.


The MIDS has been reviewed, approved and endorsed by the following sponsors as of December 7, 2016: 

  1. Canada Health Infoway and the National Immunization Interoperability Working Group
  2. Provincial Health Services Authority  (B.C.), Clinical Information Solutions
  3. B.C. Health Information Standards Standing Committee (HISSC)
  4. B.C. Ministry of Health, Conformance and Integration Services

Current Status

Version 1.0 of the standard was published in November 2017 and is available for download (see links below).


The content of the standard may require post-production edits, additions and/or maintenance to address issues identified by technical validation during implementation and in production. Additional adjustments may be required over time to reflect evolving requirements in B.C., and/or to align with emerging pan-Canadian clinical document architecture and standards developments. 


  1. Download the B.C. Minimum Immunization Data Set Interoperability Guide (PDF, 108 KB).
  2. Download the B.C. Immunization Registry Value Mapping Spreadsheet (Excel, 58 KB).