EMR–to–EMR Data Transfer and Conversion Standard

The EMR–to–EMR Data Transfer and Conversion Standard specifications support the standardized exchange of patient information between disparate electronic medical record (EMR) systems in support of various business processes including single patient chart transfers, conversions of multiple patient charts from one EMR to another as well as the exchange of episodic documents.


The technical approach for these specifications is constrained to clinical document representations of the whole, or portions of, a single patient’s medical record for the purpose of exchange. The scope of exchange includes supporting various non-specific episodic events in the care of the patient; transferring the complete patient chart as a single patient transfer; or supporting the conversion of an entire EMR system. 


Governance and maintenance processes have not yet been established for these specifications. 

Current Status



Download the EMR–to–EMR Data Transfer and Conversion Standard (PDF, 6.3MB).


Last updated: July 2018