Health Information and Interoperability Standards Catalogue

This catalogue contains current approved standards and active projects under development. Select a published standard from the list below to review its profile and download the standard. These standards are subject to change. 

Standard Type Domain Description Standards Status
Application Standards Client Registry The standard used to exchange information with the authoritative registry of health care client demographic information in British Columbia. Approved
  Provider Registry The standard used to exchange information with the authoritative registry of British Columbia health-care providers’ demographic and professional information Approved
  PharmaNet The standard used to exchange information with the provincial drug information and claims processing system that links all community pharmacies in British Columbia. In Development
  Provincial Lab Information Solution The standard used to exchange information with the provincial repository of diagnostic laboratory test results from private and public laboratories across British Columbia. Approved
Terminology Standards Logical Observation Identifiers Names and Codes (LOINC)
Pan-Canadian LOINC Observation Code Database Nomenclature Standard
The international standard for clinical document titles and lab tests for use in British Columbia. In Development
  Systematized Nomenclature of Medicine – Canada Health Infoway supported The international standard for clinical terminology for use in B.C. Selected reference sets are being determined. In Development
Clinical Document Architecture  (CDA) Standards Admission, Discharge and Transfer Notifications Admission, Discharge and Death notifications, distributed electronically. These notifications will serve as a point-in-time flag, allowing for critical information to be incorporated into a patient’s care or for appropriate follow-up to be scheduled. CDA Level 3: In Development
  Anatomical Pathology Anatomic pathology reports are complex clinical documents that relate a patient's condition, one or more specimens and numerous observations on the specimens. CDA Level 1: Approved
  Cardiology Reports Distribution of three cardiology reports: Electrocardiography Test (ECG), Holter Test and Stress Test. CDA Level 3: In Development
  Diagnostic Imaging Report A diagnostic imaging report contains a consulting specialist’s interpretation of image data. CDA Level 1: Approved
  Discharge Summary Discharge summaries serve as the primary documents communicating a patient's care plan to the post-hospital care team. In Development
  Laboratory Results Results or observations associated with laboratory tests. Approved
  Medical Imaging (MI) Standards Results or observations of medical imaging tests, distributed electronically in a CDA Level 3 format. CDA Level 3: In Development
  Procedure Notes The procedure note or report is created immediately following a non-operative procedure and records the indications for the procedure and, when applicable, post-procedure diagnosis, pertinent events of the procedure, and the patient’s tolerance of the procedure. In Development
  Referral Referral is the process, with the intention of initiating care transfer, from the provider making the referral to the receiver.

CDA Level 1: Approved

CDA Level 3: Approved

Data Standards Immunizations Interoperability Minimum Data Set (MDS) The Immunizations Interoperability MDS will allow clinicians, patients and their family members to share and access patient’ complete immunization histories through a jurisdictional immunization system / provincial registry. In Development
  Personal Health Number The personal health number is a unique, numerical, lifetime identifier used in the specific identification of an individual client or patient who has had any interaction with the British Columbia health system. In Development