Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How does the Province decide what standards to adopt as provincial standards?

Standards are developed by the people in the health sector who need them. Where a need for a provincial standard is identified, a formal proposal is submitted to the B.C. Health Information Standards Working Group. Standards’ proposals are carefully reviewed against assessment criteria, and approved through consensus to present a recommendation to the B.C. Health Information Standards Steering Committee for endorsement as a provincial standard.

Are the B.C. health information and interoperability standards mandatory? 

Point of service systems and users that integrate with ministry and health authority operated health information exchange services (i.e., Client Registry, Provider Registry, PharmaNet, Provincial Laboratory Information Solution, and report distribution services) must meet provincial interoperability standards. 

The other health information standards, such as data coding standards, are recommended and encouraged as the provincially supported best practice.

How do I find the standards for a specific implementation? 

Published standards and their profiles are available in the standards catalogue. Other standards listed in the catalogue without profiles could be either in development or proposed for future consideration.