Provincial Laboratory Information Solution

The Provincial Laboratory Information Solution contains comprehensive diagnostic laboratory test results from private and public laboratories across British Columbia. It allows authorized care providers to access their patients' historical and recently published lab test results, including tests ordered by other health-care providers. Access to comprehensive lab results is important for care providers to make timely and appropriate clinical decisions. It also reduces patient inconvenience by preventing the unnecessary duplications of lab tests.

Authorized users with a point of service application integrated with the Provincial Laboratory Information System can:

  • view a summary of all lab results within a specified time period for a patient
  • select lab results reports to retrieve
  • view and store the lab results data in the local software for other clinical decision support purposes (e.g., trending, graphing)


The Provincial Laboratory Information Solution standards are developed and managed by the B.C. Ministry of Health.  

Current Status



Download the latest version of the Provincial Laboratory Information Solution conformance standards.


Last updated: July, 2018