Assignment of Payment


The assignment of payment (AOP) process links a practitioner to an approved facility for the purpose of billing British Columbia’s Medical Services Plan (MSP) for the provision of outpatient diagnostic services.


July 26, 2021: Important Changes for individuals submitting Diagnostic Facilities Services’ Assignment of Payment (AOP) and Medical Director Authorization forms.

  • Due to electronic systems security requirements, the Ministry of Health and Health Insurance BC are implementing a key change in the process for submitting AOP forms.
  • Beginning July 26, 2021, individuals submitting Diagnostic Facilities Services AOP forms must be authenticated through a mobile BC Services Card.
    • The Ministry of Health is taking a staggered approach to implementing this requirement.
    • As of July 26, 2021 all individuals submitting AOP forms on behalf of privately-owned facilities approved to bill the Medical Services Plan for provision of restricted outpatient diagnostic services will be required to provide authentication through a mobile BC Services Card.
    • AOP forms for privately-owned facilities approved to bill the Medical Services Plan must be submitted through
    • This site requires individuals submitting AOP forms to be authenticated through a mobile BC Services Card.
    • Health authority facilities will follow at a date to be determined.
  • Individuals submitting an AOP form will use their mobile BC Services Card to prove who they are when accessing the Diagnostic Services/AOP Upload Tool. A mobile BC Services Card is a digital ID on your mobile device. It is safe, quick and easy and is a secure way to prove who you are online.
  • If you do not have a mobile BC Services Card, you will need to set one up before you can submit forms. Go to
  • There is no personal information collected when authenticating with a mobile BC Services Card in order to submit AOP forms, only first and last name.
  • There are no changes to the AOP form itself or the process for uploading documents once the submitter has been authenticated with their mobile BC Services Card.
  • If the individuals submitting AOP forms cannot set up authentication through a mobile BC Services Card, they may submit AOP forms to Health Insurance BC by mail to:

Provider Programs
PO Box: 9480
Victoria, BC, V8W 9E7

  • Each AOP submitted by mail must include a completed Mail-In Contact Information form.
  • The new system will allow only one AOP form and one related form (such as a confirmation of credentialing) to be submitted at a time.
  • When submitting multiple AOP forms, the system will re-populate the submitter’s contact information so only the “Comments” field (indicating if it’s a new or revised form) will need to be completed for each new AOP form submitted.
  • All AOP forms must be submitted in PDF format only.
  • Both the AOP form and related confirmation of practitioner credentialing (when required) must be updated/submitted at the same time. AOP forms that do not have all required information submitted with them cannot be processed. The submitter will be contacted to re-send the AOP and credentialing confirmation together.
  • There is a 90-day window for submitting claims after services.
  • Please allow 30 days for AOP forms to be processed.
  • “Notification of Medical Directorship Change” forms should be submitted to the Ministry of Health through the Advisory Committee on Diagnostic Facilities Secure Upload tool found at:

HIBC Responsibilities Chart

HIBC will

HIBC will not

  • Contact submitters if anything is incomplete or incorrect on the form. As an AOP form is a legal document, any changes or corrections must be authorized with appropriate signature.
  • Contact submitters if practitioner credentialing confirmation is required but not provided with the AOP. In this situation, the AOP will have to be resubmitted with appropriate credentialing confirmation.
  • Provide email confirmation when full processing of an AOP form has been completed. 
  • Address AOP questions/inquiries sent to:
  • Process AOP forms that are not submitted with all required information (i.e. confirmation of credentialing, as required).
  • Open any attachments sent to All attachments must be sent through AOP secure upload tool which can be accessed here
  • Provide any override of late billing/claims without approval of the Ministry of Health.

Communication with HIBC:

  • For inquires and communication with HIBC processing agents contact This email address can be used for communication, questions and general inquiries.
  • NO ATTACHMENTS may be sent to HIBC is unable to open attachments due to privacy stipulations. All attachments must be sent through the AOP Secure Upload tool which can be accessed at
  • Reaching HIBC by telephone:  Dial 1-866-456-6950
    • hold for options to be presented; then select:
    • Option 3 (provider services)
      • Option 3 again (Assignment of Payment)
        • Option 1 (AOP self-service confirmation) OR
        • Option 2 (anything else) – this will ring through to  an agent

Assignment of Payment

AOP forms are legal documents and can only be processed for those facilities that hold a Certificate of Approval from the Advisory Committee on Diagnostic Facilities or the Medical Services Commission. When applying for a Certificate of Approval, facilities must provide a list of all medical practitioners who will perform and bill MSP for the services applied for, if the application is approved.

Once a facility is approved, AOP forms must be submitted for those physicians intending to bill MSP for provision of the approved outpatient services.

Certain diagnostic services or fee codes require additional physician credentialing* before they can be performed and billed to MSP. Completion of an AOP form is the responsibility of the practicing physician and the facility’s departmental Medical Director who must ensure all conditions (on an approval/Certificate of Approval) are met prior to submitting an AOP and/or billing MSP.

*Note:  “credentialing” refers to the provincial standard established as a requirement to perform and bill a particular outpatient service or fee code. Physicians are required to verify compliance with such standards in order to bill for the corresponding service or fee code.  Credentialing does not consider hospital/facility requirements for privileging or reappointment.  Health authorities are responsible for credentialing any physician working within that organization (i.e., with privileges at a health authority facility).  For physicians working fully outside the health authority system (e.g. employed solely at a community imaging clinic), credentialing is managed through the College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia.

Assignment of Payment Form

When designating MSP payments for your services to a privately-owned or publicly-owned facility, complete the Diagnostic Facility Services Assignment of Payment & Medical Director Authorization Form (HLTH 1908):

Secure Upload Tool

Use the Assignment of Payment Secure Upload Tool to submit your Diagnostic Facility Services Assignment of Payment form for Medical Services Plan payment of restricted diagnostic services.

Please ensure that your form is complete, accurate, and authorized prior to submitting.  Only complete Assignment of Payment Forms will be processed.  Any related credentialing confirmation MUST be submitted with the completed and authorized AOP form, or the form cannot be processed.

As of July 26, 2021, the AOP Secure Upload Tool for submitting AOPs on behalf of privately owned facilities approved to bill the Medical Services Plan can be found at: