Advisory Committee on Diagnostic Facilities Modernization Project

From October 2011 to December 2014, the Diagnostic Facilities Administration led the Advisory Committee on Diagnostic Facilities (the Committee) Modernization Project, a multi-year provincial review of the policies, processes, and practices of the Committee.

The overarching goal of this work was to update and streamline the policies and processes of the Committee, while establishing an open and transparent process for the regulation of outpatient diagnostic facilities in British Columbia.

Stakeholder consultation was integral to the process. There were more than 50 separate consultations covering: general policy; definitions; metrics for assessment of applications; wait times by modality; regular/mandatory reporting; committee application forms and processes; and the assignment of payment process. In addition, there have been many informal, individual, and ongoing follow-up discussions.

By December 2014, with the revised Committee Policies and Guidelines having been completed and the Committee itself being reconstituted, the Modernization Project was largely complete.  The resulting Medical Services Commission-approved policies reflect input from the extensive consultations, as well as expert opinion, jurisdictional and literature reviews, and economic and legal input from ministry officials and advisors.

Throughout the Modernization Project, the depth and breadth of the policy review continued to expand. Time and resource constraints did not allow every policy area to be fully analyzed. As such, the work of reviewing policy that governs specific outpatient diagnostic services continues, with a review of provincial ultrasound policy currently underway.