Behavioural Plan of Intervention

This plan is a roadmap that identifies "where the child is now" and looks towards "where we want to go." The plan should be developed by the professionals on your child ‘s team and should be focus on identifying areas where your child needs support – in areas such as communication, behaviour, social-emotional, academic and functional life skills.

A behaviour plan of intervention should take into account your child’s unique strengths and needs. It is typically created by a behaviour analyst/consultant in collaboration with family members and other professionals (e.g. speech – language pathologist, occupational therapist, physical therapist, educators, etc.).

The professional(s) who create the plan should supervise and work with behaviour interventionist(s). Behaviour interventionists will implement the teaching strategies outlined in the plan so that each child can achieve their goals.

Your child's team should meet regularly to review the plan and measure progress.

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