Info for Autism Spectrum Disorder Service Providers

In order to be paid by the Autism Funding Program, service providers must be hired by parents of children or teens who are enrolled for autism funding programs.

Families can hire one or more professional service providers – there are four types: behaviour analysts/consultants, speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists or physical therapists. These professionals must be listed on the Registry of Autism Service Providers (RASP) in order to receive payment through autism funding programs.

Professional service providers must meet the criteria as outlined in the following application form:

The Registry of Autism Service Providers (RASP) is managed by Autism Information Services BC (AIS BC). AIS BC provides information, training and resources for families and professionals.

Families may also hire behaviour interventionists (BI) who are not required to be on the RASP, but should be supervised by a RASP professional.

Professional service providers hired are not required to be on the RASP – though, it's strongly recommended.

Find out more about types of services and service providers on page 11 of the parent handbook (PDF, 1.3MB).


Working with Families

If a family requests services from you, explain the following:

  • Your role on the child's team
  • Your training, experience and approach to intervention
  • The amount of time both you and the parent agree will be spent with the child
  • Your fees

It's best to have a written contract with parents. Hourly / daily rates should include the overall cost of doing business, such as time spent on administration, preparation and local travel.

Service Provider Portal

Service providers can use this portal to get access to self-service options related to the service they provide. It also helps speed up data submission and payment processes.

BCeID: Service providers log into the portal using a BCeID.