Special Needs

Specialized service and funding options may be available for children or teens who have special needs and their families.

Please note that, in most cases, certain eligibility requirements must be met in order to qualify.

Children and Youth with Special Needs (CYSN) staff are available to discuss what services might be available and provide other useful information or support.

Learn about other programs and services available for children or teens who have:

Service Framework

The Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD) is developing a service framework to better support children and youth with special needs and their families. The framework will guide how the ministry provides and funds CYSN programs and services, to be ready for implementation in April 2020.

The ministry is working with two research firms to identify opportunities to improve access, quality and coordination of CYSN services and programs:

  • Reciprocal Consulting is leading the user-experience research with Indigenous families, focusing on their experiences and journeys as they seek and move through MCFD’s system of supports and services.
  • KPMG is conducting user-experience research with families, including but not limited to Indigenous families and communities, and gathering information to help the ministry better understand the current state of CYSN services.

This research will inform the service framework and support continuous improvement.

Families and service providers who are interested in contributing to this research can learn more through the pamphlets below:

Other questions about the service framework can be directed to MCF.ChildrenYouthSpecialNeeds@gov.bc.ca