My Health BC Mobile App Privacy Policy


The My Health BC mobile app of the Province of British Columbia is designed to empower BC residents to manage their health information. The Health Passes feature allows you to add your BC Vaccine Card and federal vaccine proof and present the QR code for scanning by businesses. Once the QR code from a BC Vaccine Card is scanned by the BC Vaccine Card Verifier App, the app will display only the your first and last name and vaccination status to the person reading the QR Code. 

The app will allow you to securely access other health information, along with your QR code. It is important that you take measures to protect the sensitive information accessible within the app. 

Note: This privacy policy does not apply to the third-party online or mobile store that you downloaded the My Health BC mobile app.

1. General Limitations

Your personal information may only be viewed by authorized persons, and only in the context of the functions assigned to them.

2. Collection and Permissions

The information collected when retrieving your BC Vaccine Card include the following: 

Personal Health Number 

Date of Birth 

Date of vaccine 

2.1 Collection of information in the My Health BC mobile app

The My Health BC mobile app reads and displays the information presented in the QR code within the camera's view.

There is no tracking of your activity when you present your QR code on the My Health BC mobile app for scanning to businesses. 

2.2 Permissions requested from devices

Access to the phone camera and photos library is required in order to read or upload QR codes. No images from the camera are recorded nor transmitted or processed outside of the My Health BC mobile app.

3. Secondary purposes with anonymized personal information

Device data is collected, aggregated and anonymized, to inform usage and enhancements to the application.