Citizen Access Strategy

Citizen empowerment is a key pillar of the Ministry of Health's Digital Health Strategy. It seeks to empower citizens to proactively manage their health and wellness, improve access to information services, while concurrently increasing care quality and containing health costs.

The strategy

The Citizen Access Strategy defines the approach and plan to create the digital capabilities for British Columbians to access their personal health information and services, including:
  • Accessing their health information and personalized care plans
  • Communicating with their care teams, book appointments, receive virtual care visits,
  • Tracking progress on waitlists, access education materials, health services and integrate consumer-centric wearables and health

Roadmap for British Columbia

Key enablers to this strategy are digital technologies, including:

  • Portals and personal health records to access and store health information and expose services for the citizen
  • Access to virtual care capabilities to support efficient interactions between the citizen and the health system
  • Emerging tools and connected medical devices to become part of the citizen’s health and wellness journey

The Citizen Access Strategy will build off previous work by Health Authorities and the Province and is intended to draw together all citizen empowering initiatives across the Province.