What to expect during the change to family connections centres

Last updated: January 17, 2022

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Here's an overview of what to expect over the next few years as new family connections centres are gradually introduced.

Services and funding will stay the same for a while

Nothing is changing immediately. Until spring 2025, families can:

  • Follow current processes to apply for funding and services
  • Continue to receive funding and work with existing service providers

This includes services and funding for:

Change will happen gradually

By the spring 2025, new family connections centres will be in place. Work is already underway.

  • Some families in specific areas will be able to join the new system in February 2023. The rest can start in September 2024
  • Young people who are close to transitioning to adult services or Community Living BC will continue to be supported by their ministry support worker and/or Services to Adults with Developmental Disabilities (STADD) navigator

Until spring 2022: Consultation

The ministry team will conduct information and outreach sessions to gather input and help with a smooth transition for families and service providers.

Spring 2022: Increased medical benefits

Medical benefits will be increased to fully cover the cost of basic essential medical equipment and supplies like a wheelchair.

Winter 2022/2023: Some family connections centres open

Family connections centres open in the Northwest and Central Okanagan regions.

Families in these regions can visit a centre to access services.

  • Families who currently receive services can choose to transition to services at a centre or continue with their existing service providers until March 2025
  • Equipment, supplies and medical benefits will continue to be accessed via provincial disability services

Existing services and funding continues for families in the rest of the province.

Fall 2024 to spring 2025: Families transition to centres across B.C.

Centres open everywhere in B.C. and families across the province can visit a centre to access services. By March 2025, all families will receive services through a local centre.

  • Families who currently receive services can choose to start transitioning to services at a centre or continue with their existing service providers until March 2025
  • The ministry and centre teams will work with families to help them transition to a local centre to continue receiving support, services and therapies
  • The Autism Funding Program will remain open for new intake until September 2024. The program will sunset in March 2025 as autism services will be fully operational through the family connections centres​

Things you can do

Details for the new centres are still being developed with stakeholders and rights' holders, including parents, caregivers and service providers. Support will be offered to help families have a smooth transition to receiving services at a family connections centre. More information will be made available as soon as it’s available.

In the meantime, you can:

  • Work with your ministry support worker and local service providers to make decisions about getting a diagnosis or building a transition plan
  • Ask questions by calling our resource line: 1-833-882-0024

Need more information? Call the resource line at 1-833-882-0024