Information for service providers assisting children and youth with support needs

Last updated: November 8, 2021

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Service providers will continue to play an important role in delivering services to children and youth with support needs in B.C.

Help families transition

As a service provider, your expertise and advice can help clients and families have a smooth transition to working with a family connections hub. You can:

  • Help parents and caregivers choosing the best transition options for their family
  • Help clients feel supported in reaching their goals during the change

Find out what to expect during the transition period.

Provide your services in the new system

All current service providers are encouraged to join the new system. Consider how your role or organization could support the new service approach.

Option 1: Setup a new family connections hub

To be a hub, an organization must be able to:

  • Maintain service delivery standards by providing core services or specialized services when needed
  • Tailor services and staff to meet specific needs of local families
  • Provide mobile or virtual services to families in small or remote communities

Option 2: Work at a new hub

Hubs will need to be staffed with experienced professionals, including:

  • Occupational, physical and speech language therapists
  • Behavioural consultants
  • Interventionists
  • Other support staff that might be needed

Opportunities will be posted

When it's time, you will be able to respond to requests for proposals to create a new family connections hub via BC Bid. If you would like to work at a hub, you will need to contact a hub provider directly.

Things you can do

Details for the new service approach are still being developed with stakeholders and rights' holders, including parents, caregivers and service providers.

Consider attending an information session to learn more and share your input on the new family connections hubs or providing your services through one.

Need more information? Call the resource line at 1-833-882-0024 or attend an information session.