Victory Hill Residential Program

Victory Hill Residential Program is a supportive and nurturing home-like environment for children and teens living away from home while going to school at the B.C. School for the Deaf in Burnaby.

Victory Hill Residential Program: "A Place of Growth"

Students ages 5 to 19 stay at Victory Hill during the week and return home for weekends or holidays.

Each child has a key worker, who manages their care plan and acts as a liaison between the school, professionals, students and parents. In fact, the key worker and parents stay in contact on a weekly basis to discuss the student's experiences, challenges and joys.

Children live in six family-style homes designed in consultation with deaf people. American Sign Language is the primary language of communication and qualified child care counsellors are fluent.

Safety, comfort features, amenities and supports include:

  • Built-in flashing lights for telephones, doorbells, fire alarms and security alarms
  • Open spaces and natural light make it easy to communicate in American Sign Language
  • Private bedrooms and three bathrooms per house
  • A safe and nurturing family-like setting makes Victory Hill feel like home
  • Support staff available 24 hours a day, Sunday afternoon to Friday evening

Eligibility and admission: In order to be eligible for residency, students must:

  • Live outside the Greater Vancouver Regional District and/or their family home must be more than one-hour commuting distance (one-way) from Victory Hill
  • Be accepted into a Ministry of Education Provincial Resource Program

Once the student is accepted into the Provincial Resource Program, they can apply for residence. Parents considering the school must first visit Victory Hill with their child. Afterwards, parents and the Victory Hill coordinator will determine the suitability of the program for their child.


Victory Hill Residential Program - "Dorm"