Your Voice

Your Voice provides a platform for patients, caregivers, and patient groups to provide input to B.C.’s drug review process. It is part of PharmaCare’s commitment to give British Columbians a chance to share their perspectives on the drug decisions that affect them.

Please look though the list of drugs that are under review by the Ministry of Health. If you are eligible to give input, fill out the online questionnaire for consideration by the Ministry as part of their review.  Tell me how my input will be used. As part of the questionnaire, you will be required to declare any Conflicts of Interest. Tell me about the Conflict of Interest Guidelines. Your privacy is fully protected. Tell me more about privacy protection.

Who Can Give Input?

You can give input if you are a B.C. resident who has the medical condition that the drug would be used for, a B.C. resident who is a caregiver for someone with that medical condition, or a representative of a patient group for patients in B.C with that medical condition AND is your patient group registered with PharmaCare. 

Which Drugs Are Being Reviewed?

If you are eligible to give input, complete the patient, caregiver, or patient group questionnaire:

  1. Read about the drug by clicking on the drug’s information sheet link in the table below.
  2. If you would like to prepare your answers beforehand, review the printable sample questionnaire for patientscaregivers or patient groups. When you are ready, return to this web page to complete the questionnaire.
  3. Click the appropriate questionnaire link. 

You may submit a questionnaire only once. If you do not complete the questionnaire or navigate away from the page while entering your responses, you can return to the last unsaved page and complete the questionnaire. To ensure privacy, you will not be able to go back to review or change your answers on a page once it is saved.

Drug Name

What this drug is for

When you can take part

Take the survey

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Therapeutic Review

Drug Information Sheet

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) February 27, 2019 until
midnight of March 27, 2019
Patient Survey
Caregiver Survey
Patient Group Survey


Sample General Questionnaires (for most drugs under review)

Patients (PDF)

Caregivers (PDF)

Patient Groups (PDF)

Sample Questionnaires for Biosimilar drugs under review

Biosimilar: patients (PDF)

Biosimilar: caregivers (PDF)

Biosimilar: patient groups (PDF)

Having technical difficulties submitting your input? Contact us at for assistance.

Can You Notify Me When Public Input Is Being Accepted for a Drug?

We can send you an email when drugs are being reviewed. Sign up for our subscription service.

How Do I Find Out about PharmaCare's Coverage Decision for a Specific Drug?

After the Drug Benefit Council provides its formal recommendation to the Ministry of Health, the Ministry reviews the recommendation and makes a coverage decision in the context of existing policies, programs, priorities and resources.

To find out when a decision will be made about PharmaCare coverage for a specific drug, visit our Drug Review Results section.