About the Drug Benefit Council (DBC)

The Drug Benefit Council (DBC) is an independent advisory body that makes evidence-informed recommendations to the Ministry of Health about the listing of drugs on the PharmaCare program formulary.

The DBC is made up of 12 members: 9 professional members with expertise in critical appraisal, medicine, ethics, pharmacy and health economics, and 3 public members. The full list of members is available at the Directory of Agencies. The Drug Review Resource Committee (DRRC), a subcommittee of the DBC, is made up of 4 members from the DBC.

The Remuneration to Drug Benefit Council members (PDF, 184KB) page provides information on fees paid to DBC members.


DBC members are held to the highest ethical standards when conducting reviews and making recommendations. Their activities are governed by the DBC’s Terms of Reference (PDF, 51KB). All individuals involved in the Drug Benefit Review Process, including DBC members, are subject to the Drug Benefit Review Process Conflict of Interest Guidelines (PDF, 33KB).