Drug Coverage

List of Drugs PharmaCare Covers (Formulary Search)

PharmaCare covers a broad range of prescription drugs. In some cases, the maximum PharmaCare reimburses for a drug is limited only by the rules of your PharmaCare plan. In other cases, it may be limited by a general coverage policy that applies no matter what PharmaCare plan you are on. The Formulary Search gives information about the drugs PharmaCare covers, the plans  each drug is covered under, and the maximum PharmaCare will reimburse.

Drugs Requiring Pre-Approval (Special Authority)

To obtain PharmaCare coverage, in some cases, your prescriber may need to submit a request for coverage (“Special Authority”).

Drug Review Process & Results

Find out how PharmaCare decides which drugs to cover, the results of coverage decisions, and how you can give input into those decisions.

Drug Shortage Information

Find out about current provincial drug shortages, including any alternative(s) PharmaCare is covering.

Drug Coverage Limits

For information on polices that limit the amount PharmaCare covers for particular drugs, see General Coverage Policies.