Your CareCard

The BC Services Card is replacing the CareCard and can be combined with your driver’s licence. It is secure government issued identification that British Columbians can use to prove their identity and access provincially-funded health services. In the future, the BC Services Card will provide in-person and online access to other government services. For more information about the BC Services Card visit the BC Services Card page.

Personal Information on Your CareCard

The magnetic stripe on the back contains only the information printed on the front of the card and your personal health number (PHN). This stripe on the back allows the CareCard to be read electronically.

Replacing Your CareCard

Lost, Stolen or Damaged Cards

In all cases where a card is stolen, it is important to immediately report the theft to Health Insurance BC.

When requesting replacement of a lost, damaged, or stolen CareCard:

  • If you have temporary immigration status or are under the age of 19, call Health Insurance BC (HIBC) toll-free;


  • If you are over the age of 19 and under the age of 75, visit an ICBC DLO with two pieces of ID to obtain a photo BC Services Card.
  • If you are age 75 or over, you have the option of visiting an Insurance Corporation of BC driver licensing office (ICBC DLO) with two pieces of ID to obtain a photo BC Services Card or contacting HIBC toll-free to request a non-photo BC Services Card.

You can surrender your card at the Insurance Corporation of BC when you apply for your BC Services Card.

Incorrect Information

If a replacement is required because the name, birth date or gender on a CareCard needs to be changed, call Health Insurance BC toll free first.