Find a Seniors' Assisted Living Residence

Search for Seniors Assisted Living using the interactive map or view residences by community.  


Please use one of the following browsers to access the map: Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox or Safari. 


If the residence you were looking for is not found on the map or community list, it may be due to the following:

  • They may not be required to be registered as only 1 or 2 persons are receiving assisted living services, or the location is  independent house/supportive living, which is not regulated. 
  • They may be operating in contravention of the Community Care and Assisted Living Act because they are operating without a registration when one is required.  Click here to search.
  • They may be licensed (i.e. long term care facility): See Finding a Residential Care Facility
  • The residence may also be absent from the map or community list if the registration was in progress at the time of the last website update.

If you wish to clarify the status of a particular residence, contact the Assisted Living Registry:  



  • Victoria: 778 974-4887 
  • Toll-Free: 1-866-714-3378