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At the request of B.C.’s physicians, this web resource has been established to provide a centralised and ongoing source of current information about the emerging issues surrounding the novel H1N1 flu virus.

Throughout the influenza season we will update and revise this information as necessary and also provide access to provincial- and health authority-specific information, including:

  • Clinical Information
  • Epidemiology
  • Clinical impacts (hospitalizations, service changes)
  • Pertinent information from the Medical Services Commission



P.R.W. Kendall
Provincial Health Officer

PHO and Related Correspondence

RE: New PG13700 - GP Office Visit for H1N1

After Hours Coverage
H1N1 Testing for Clinical Management
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Epidemiology: novel H1N1 (2009) in BC

Please Note: Confirmed cases will be updated weekly on Tuesdays. More detailed BC Influenza Surveillance Bulletins can also be access through this link.

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Influenza Immunization Clinic Schedules by Health Authority

For information pertaining to H1N1 and seasonal influenza immunization schedules refer to the links below.
BC Flu Clinic LocatorMinistry of Health flu clinic locator. Enter your postal code or city/town to find the flu clinics scheduled near you.

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