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This website provides clinical and logistical information about dispensing antiviral medications, information about in-pharmacy infection control and information on antiviral treatment for patients.

The information will be revised or updated as needed throughout the influenza season.

Vaccine Information

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Antibiotics for Secondary Pneumonia in Community and Acute Care Settings

Vaccination Resources for Pharmacists

  • Update - February 4, 2010 - Re use of adjuvanted/unadjuvanted H1N1 Vaccine. The BC Centre for Disease Control (BCCDC) recommends the use of the unadjuvanted H1N1 vaccine in 10 - 64 year olds who are not immunocompromised. Using unadjuvanted H1N1 vaccine allows pharmacists to meet the needs of individual patients requesting vaccines as it is stable for 28 days, compared to the 24-hour stability of the reconstituted adjuvanted vaccine.

    Pharmacies are encouraged to continue using the adjuvanted vaccine when they are able to schedule enough patients to use the majority of vaccine in the vial within a 24 hour period.

    Both the adjuvanted and unadjuvanted H1N1 vaccines are available from your local public health unit.
  • Update - February 4, 2010 - Re Flu Locator Clinics. The BCCDC flu clinic locator is available online at http://immunizebc.ca/clinics/flu. Pharmacies listed on the flu clinic locator are reminded to ensure that information posted on this site is accurate and up to date.
  • Update - February 1, 2010 - In the coming weeks, the increase in visitors for the 2010 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games may result in greater demand for H1N1 vaccine from the public health supply.

If you receive a request for H1N1 vaccine, please:

  • Do not create a PHN for the individual.
  • Do not submit a claim for the vaccine on PharmaNet.
  • Order the vaccine through your Biological Products Monitor in your Local Health Unit (LHU) as usual.
  • Document use of the vaccine in keeping with the requirements set by your LHU.

Visitors will need to pay for administration of the vaccine. The province will not cover any portion of the cost of injecting the vaccine. The charge to the patient for administration is at the discretion of each individual pharmacy. There is no cost for the vaccine itself.

  • Reminder — Appropriate Charges to Patients - As stated in PharmaCare Newsletter 09-015 (PDF, 631KB), pharmacist participation in providing vaccinations is part of Immunize BC, the Strategic Framework for Immunization in BC. The framework supports the principle of an immunization delivery system that includes health service providers from different disciplines who deliver programs in different settings.
    IMPORTANT CLARIFICATION: Under the framework, the Province pays authorized pharmacists $10 for each publicly-funded vaccination they provide. As this is a public health initiative, pharmacies cannot, therefore, charge any additional amount to patients.

    However, for private-pay vaccinations—that is, vaccinations patients choose to receive that are not publicly‑funded—pricing remains at the discretion of the providing pharmacy.
  • Vaccination Resource Package for Pharmacists (PDF, 1.41MB) - This document brings together information from several sources to provide a quick reference for pharmacists providing vaccinations.
  • Safety Needles – Alternate Suppliers (PDF, 27KB)

In-Pharmacy Infection Control

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