Information Management and Information Technology Standing Committee (IMITSC)

Mandate and Authority

The purpose of IMITSC is to undertake work on behalf of the Standing Committee of Interdisciplinary Co-Chairs (SCOIC) and ultimately Leadership Council, and provide direction, guidance, and governance to supporting committees and working groups, in relation to initiatives/efforts intended to achieve transformation of the health care system in alignment with the strategic priority areas and goals identified in the B.C. Health System Strategy (the Strategy) (PDF, 4.4MB).

The primary purpose of IMITSC is to provide and facilitate execution of strategies, tactics, and principles that govern sector-level decision-making across the full lifecycle of information management and information technology (IM/IT) within areas of common or shared interest1 to the B.C. health sector as a whole.

IMITSC terms of reference (Approved by SCOIC July 2016) (PDF, 705KB)

Reporting Relationship

IMITSC is a standing committee of the B.C. Health Leadership Council. The Leadership Council is the senior governance committee in the health sector and draws its authority from the membership of the deputy minister of the Ministry of Health and the chief executive officers of each health authority.

IMITSC Membership


Ministry of Health

Deborah Shera, co-chair
chief information officer (B.C. health sector) and assistant deputy minister, Health Sector IM/IT division

Paul Shrimpton, secretariat
chief information officer (Ministry of Health) and executive director, Health IT Strategy branch, Health Sector IM/IT division

First Nations Health Authority

Joseph Mendez
chief information officer

Dr. Shannon McDonald
Senior Medical Officer – Vancouver Island Region

Fraser Health                                    

Philip Barker
chief information officer and vice president, Informatics and Transformation Support

Dr. Darryl Samoil, co-chair
chief medical information officer and executive medical director, Clinical Systems

Megan Stowe
chief clinical information officer

B.C. Clinical and Shared Services

Phil White
chief technology officer

Interior Health

Norma Malanowich
chief information officer

Dr. Douglas Kingsford
chief medical information officer

Island Health

Guy Weeks
chief technology officer

Dr. Mary-Lyn Fyfe
chief medical information officer

Northern Health

Jeff Hunter
chief information officer

Dr. Bill Clifford
chief medical information officer

Provincial Health Services Authority and
Vancouver Coastal Health / 
Providence Health Care

Oliver Grüter-Andrew 
chief information officer

Provincial Health Services Authority

Dr. Alain Gagnon, FRCSC 
chief medical information officer, Clinical & Systems Transformation

Vancouver Coastal Health / 
Providence Health Care

Dr. Eric Grafstein
chief medical information officer

Doctors of B.C.

Allan Seckel
chief executive officer

Last updated April, 2016

IMITSC Standing Committees

IMITSC established 3 standing committees which are responsible for the following mandates:

1. Common or Shared Interest Policy: IM/IT solutions and assets within the B.C. health sector will be assessed using a decision support selection criteria to determine whether or not they are considered to be of common or shared interest (CSI). Items deemed to be of CSI will flow through the Health Sector IM/IT Standing Committee (IMITSC) governance process, to determine the level of future involvement; in some cases, IMITSC will have the authority to disapprove or halt progress of CSI initiatives and/or assets.