Public Health Information Project (PHIP)

The Public Health Information program will improve public health information management in order to protect and promote the health of all BC citizens through:

  • enhancing our ability to efficiently and cost effectively deliver routine public health services to citizens;
  • enhancing our ability to manage communicable diseases and disease outbreaks;
  • improving our ability to deliver immunization programs;
  • enhancing our ability to identify, track and manage environmental health hazards and risks;
  • enabling timely access to public health related information;
  • respecting the rights of individuals to privacy;
  • supporting public health research and analysis for more efficient program planning, policy development, delivery and evaluation; and
  • improving decision making capacity for public health overall.

Panorama Implementation/Family Health

The Panorama Implementation/Family Health project under the PHIP program will implement Panorama, the Pan-Canadian health surveillance software application. Panorama includes functionality for Communicable Disease Management, Immunization Management, Outbreak Management, Vaccine Inventory Management, Work Management and Notifications Management. In addition, to meet the specific needs of public health in British Columbia, the project will also implement “made in BC” Family Health functionality to address the needs of Maternal/Infant Health, Child Health, Youth Health, and Adult Health functions.

Environmental Health/Health Protection

The Environmental Health/Health Protection project under the PHIP program will implement a provincial solution to support public health providers with their day-to-day activities for programs such as water and air quality, food safety and tobacco enforcement. The solution will also improve the public’s access to important public health information such as boil water advisories and facility inspection results and will support complaint submissions and responses.