B.C.'s PharmaNet is a world class provincial medication management information system, that records information on all prescriptions dispensed in community pharmacies in British Columbia.

The ePrescribe Project will improve medication management and patient safety for British Columbians by upgrading and enhancing the existing PharmaNet system, including integrating with B.C.’s electronic health record as it comes online. To mark this major change, we have given PharmaNet a new name - PharmaNet-eRx.

The public, pharmacists and physicians will all benefit from the changes to PharmaNet.

PharmaNet-eRX will:

  • improve patient safety through further reduction of adverse drug events.
  • reduce treatment delays because health professionals have access to comprehensive medication histories.
  • support better patient care delivery by identifying and addressing potential medication issues at the point of prescribing rather than the point of dispensing.
  • empower patients by eventually enabling online access to their medication profile and access log.
  • Support medical decision-making and timely care by making more comprehensive patient medication profiles available to authorized users at all points of care;
  • Improve interaction checking by providing more complete medication profiles and enabling interaction checking on new medical conditions the patient has (for example, pregnancy);
  • Reduce the number of handwritten prescriptions by implementing electronic prescriptions and therefore the errors due to illegible handwriting;
  • Enable health professionals to more closely monitor medication adherence. Since dispense and medication pickup events will be recorded separately, under use and over use of medications can be more closely monitored;
  • Improve hospital pharmacy and community pharmacy information by providing integrated access to medication information regardless of where medications are dispensed;
  • Significantly reduce pharmacist calls to physicians to resolve handwriting issues;
  • Reduce pharmacist calls to physicians to resolve drug cost issues;
  • Reduce the time health professionals and patients spend on special authority requests.
  • ePrescribe Project Snapshot (PDF, 59KB)

Have an ePrescribe Project Question? Contact us at: eprescribe@gov.bc.ca