Reports and Research

During his term as Innovation Commissioner, Alan Winter worked on building a collection of data, examples, reports and research on innovation related activities and practices in B.C., across Canada and beyond.

Internal Research

To assess B.C.’s innovation landscape and advance his Innovation Commissioner mandate, Alan Winter undertook research and analysis specific to British Columbia:

  • Putting Innovation to Work for British Columbia: Growing B.C. Companies
    This 2020 report by the Innovation Commissioner outlines five recommendations focused on helping innovative B.C. companies thrive and grow while supporting more innovation across all sectors of our economy.

  • Observations on Innovation in British Columbia
    This 2018 report by the Innovation Commissioner outlines how innovation can create many positive social and economic outcomes and can help both the emerging and natural resource sectors prosper.
  • B.C.’s Innovation Ecosystem
    Global Advantage research report produced in September 2018 to assist the Innovation Commissioner in understanding B.C.’s public and private research and development activities and investments.

  • Innovation & Research: Federal Government
    A detailed summary of key federal business innovation programs, a listing of new funding for federal programs, and an outline of all federal research facilities operating in the British Columbia.

  • B.C.’s Economic Landscape
    Key data points covering B.C.’s economy, labour market and trade and an overview of investments in business and research in the province.

Additional Resources