Optimizing files

Optimizing graphic and content files for B.C. government web pages. 

Graphic files

Graphics with large file sizes reduce performance and make pages slow loading. Larger graphics files also take up more disk space, which slows performance and increases costs. 

Before inserting graphics into CMS Lite pages, make sure that:

File types

Graphics Interchange Format (GIF)

Use GIF for graphics or logos with solid colour areas or background transparencies, but not for photographs. 

Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPG)

Use JPG for digital photographs or images that don't have transparency. 

Portable Network Graphics (PNG)

Use PNG for digital images that have a transparent area, for example, a logo or photo with a transparent or gradient background.

Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG)

Use SVG for images that may change over time, or need to scale without losing quality, such as logos and graphs. 

Content files

Unless there is a legal, legislative, graphic design or print requirement, textual content should only be published in CMS Lite pages and not uploaded as files.