How do we get there?

The Roadmap Phase finalizes the deliverables and details the approach for realizing opportunities. This draws on the project opportunities, prototypes, infographics and other artifacts to make this approach visual, concrete and clear.


  • Communicate a clear path for executing a vision
  • Establish shared understanding and outlining of future priorities and plans
  • Reduce risk for later projects by ensuring alignment with priorities
  • Share and reflect on the project’s process, shortcomings, and successes to develop and strengthen your team’s capabilities


Just like a building, a service needs a blueprint that shows how all pieces work together to deliver the service and create value. This shows what an organization needs to do in order to deliver a specific service experience from frontline staff interaction and support to operations, infrastructure, policy, HR, regulation and legislation.

A roadmap shows a high-level overview of timelines for implementing service improvements. It reflects the priorities of both the organization and its clients. The roadmap should be informed by existing transformation planning, as well as informing ongoing strategy and planning work.