As part of the evolution and growth of service design in the B.C. public service, the design team is working towards being active partners in the implementation of ministry projects. We believe in an end-to-end model, where we work collaboratively with ministry program areas from alignment through to development to launch new or improved services. Our goal is to see project recommendations discovered through research, prototypes and iteration come to life and become useful services for people.

What does project implementation with the Service Design Team look like?

There are several ways to work towards project implementation after finishing the Prototype and Roadmap Phases. We have started taking an Agile approach (quick and iterative continuous delivery) to some projects that require technical solutions. This approach in product development helps respond to unpredictability through incremental, iterative work and empirical feedback.

Before a service is released to the general public, the team takes stock of the entire process and asks the following questions:

  1. Does the service meet the user needs highlighted through Discovery?
  2. Has it been rigorously tested, with users both internal and external?
  3. Is it safe and secure?
  4. Can it be iterated on over time, as new insights are gained from analytics tracking and continued user feedback?