Reporting & Deliverables

Research reporting summarizes and communicates the insights gained from the research. Communicating your research outside the core team is where the work starts to make a difference for the rest of the organization. The outputs or deliverables of your research will be vital in moving your insights forward into the Opportunity phase.
There are 3 key outputs for reporting your research:

1. Research Findings

  • Overall themes, principles, insights and summary of research.
  • Summarizes the clusters and insights from the analysis workshops.
  • Identifies audiences, their goals, and common scenarios using personas or empathy maps.

2. Journey Maps

  • Visualization of current citizen journeys adds depth to scenarios and provides a common artifact for showing pain points and discussing opportunities.

3. Service Metrics

  • Sets out the model for evaluating a given service.
  • Defines the measures for establishing service baseline.