Service design and our corporate vision

The 2016 edition of Where Ideas Work (PDF, 2.6MB), the BC Public Service's corporate plan, reinforces the need to focus on citizens' needs, expectations and changing demands in the delivery of our services.

Goal 3, Enhancing Services to Citizens, specifically speaks to rethinking how we deliver our services.  We are meeting this goal by using the Service Design Playbook (PDF, 6MB), leveraging other citizen-centred design practices, and by engaging directly with citizens in sharing ideas for improvement.

Service design is an emerging way of creating service innovation that extends government’s traditional practices. It relies on direct, behavioural, systemic research with citizens and other stakeholders to understand context and opportunities. These insights lead to rapid prototyping and iteration to try out new ideas and manage risk, while providing evidence to confidently propose opportunities to enhance how government delivers services to citizens.

This process reflects established methods and leading thinking in the discipline and has been adapted to best fit with existing practices in government. We continue to learn as ministries complete service design projects.  

See our Case Studies to read more about the projects we've conducted in ministries across the B.C. public service.