Service design in the B.C. Public Service

The Service Design team, located in Citizens' Services, is changing how citizens access government services by bringing innovation and a human-centred approach to areas such as health care, transportation, education, policy and finance.

The focus of service design work for us is about peoplewhat they do, how they do things, why and when they look to access public sector services. As outlined in the Service Design Playbook (6 MB PDF), we take a holistic approach to designing service experiences by working directly with citizens, developing prototypes, testing, analyzing and implementing results. 

Service design fundamentally shifts how we understand, plan, deliver and measure services. We take a user-centred approach to investigate and design/redesign how citizens use a service to create better experiences and better efficiency as service providers. Our approach involves:

  • Conducting deep qualitative research into the service experience
  • Modelling service journeys that describe a service over time and across different touchpoints such as phone, fax, email, web and in person
  • Prototyping new service interactions
  • Evaluating and measuring the service experience
  • Planning what is required to deliver a new or improved service experience

Our approach involves a multi-disciplinary team who works with stakeholders and end-users throughout the project. The team is typically made up of ministry program areas which we work with to strategize and innovate new design solutions for government services.