Stakeholder Map

A stakeholder map identifies stakeholders and their influence and impact on your service. During stakeholder mapping, the research team identifies and maps stakeholders such as front-line staff, other areas of government, and industry associations. Specific individuals with deep influence and investment may also be identified. This information can help define who needs to be involved, consulted, or managed closely throughout the project.


  1. Write down stakeholder names, types, or groupings individually on separate sticky notes.

  2. Put up all the stakeholder names on a wall and cluster similar stakeholders.

  3. Create one sticky note for each stakeholder group.

  4. Draw a graph on a whiteboard or flip chart paper.

  5. Label the x-axis as the involvement of the stakeholder group (A combination of the number of those stakeholders and how often they rely on the service).

  6. Label the y-axis as the importance of the service to the stakeholders.

  7. Place the stakeholder group stickies on the graph based on your team’s consensus.

  8. Draw a circle around the sticky for each stakeholder group to represent the level of influence it has on the project.


  • Colour code your stickies to indicate internal, external, and client stakeholders.