Comparative Analysis

A comparative analysis is a review of how similar services are delivered within the public or private sector. This analysis will help your team identify best practices, potential challenges, and key activities necessary when updating or developing a new service experience.


  1. Create a list of 4-5 similar services that are offered by public or private sector organizations.

  2. Define the set of criteria (ie. delivery channels, tools, target audience, tone of voice) you’ll use to analyze each service.

  3. Capture the similarities and differences between the services based on your set of criteria.

  4. Identify areas of opportunities or things to avoid based on your analysis.


  • Look beyond your sector to see how other organizations might handle similar challenges.

  • To identify the wider context your service operates in you can expand the scope of your analysis to look at larger external influences such as political, environmental, economic, technological, social, or legal factors.