Business Model Canvas

business model canvas

The Business Model Canvas helps to describe how your program area currently operates or how you’d like it to operate in the future. Outlining the elements of your business model can help you have strategic conversations about what your service offers and how it creates value for citizens. If a service does not exist yet, the canvas can help plan a potential business model and identify what activities are required to move the service forward.


  1. Print out the blank Business Model Canvas template.

  2. Start by filling in the middle box of “Value Propositions”. This is what value your service provides to citizens or other stakeholders.

  3. Continue to fill in the other boxes with the information you know.

  4. Identify the information about your business model you don’t know. Use this information to guide further research to help you fill in the remaining information on the canvas.


  • Use sticky notes to fill in the canvas so you can  add or remove information easily.

  • Colour code your sticky notes if dealing with multiple user groups.

  • This exercise may need to be completed over a period of time as you learn more about your business.

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