Treejack Testing

Treejack testing is a tool to evaluate the findability of topics in a website. Users are asked to find a topic on your website by navigating through a simplified text version of your site structure – without the influence of navigation aids and visual design. Treejack testing can be done with index cards or with treejack testing software.


  1. Create your site structure either with treejack testing software or using index cards to represent a page

  2. Develop a list of topics for participants to find written as a task ie. “Find out where you could get information about pricing”

  3. Participants will choose which heading they believe is where they can find the information

  4. Choosing a heading will show them list of subtopics

  5. They continue choosing (moving down through the tree, backtracking if necessary) until they find a topic that satisfies the task

  6. Start each task back at the top of the tree

  7. Document the paths participants take to find each topic

  8. Analyze the results


  • Be careful about providing clues in how you write a task about where a topic is located.