Service Roadmap

A service roadmap shows a high-level timeline for implementing the organizational capabilities required to deliver a service. The roadmap shows the organizational activities and capabilities, and aligns them by when the organization is able to implement them. These capabilities and activities also document the value that they deliver in order to maintain the vision of the service.


  1. Review any blueprints the team may have created
  2. Use sticky notes to sort the blueprint capabilities and organizational activities into related clusters
  3. Create streams or swim lanes of the types of effort needed, such as:
    • Client Interface
    • Operations and Processes
    • Policy and Legislation
    • Organizational Staffing and Structure
    • Technical Systems
  4. Organize the clusters in the related swim lanes based on:
    • Overall timeframe of the project (use years as the Roadmap timeline—Year One, Year Two, Year Three; paired with more relative timing—Now, Soon, Later, Someday.)
    • Dependencies (what things need to come before other things)
    • Connections to other ministry or government projects and capabilities
    • High-level estimates of resources, time, talent or budget needed
    • The capacity of the organization
    • Value of the individual investments
  5. Refine the roadmap into a polished infographic that can be printed at a large scale and hung up in an office space